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Book an interpreter

If you need an interpreter you should book in advance. This will help make sure your interpreting requirements are met.

Interpreters are available for appointments during business hours, after hours and on weekends.

Before you book

When booking an interpreter, you must provide all of the following information:

  • name of the organisation or section requesting the service

  • the specific language and country of origin

  • name of client needing the interpreter

  • gender and age of the client

  • location, date and time the interpreter is needed

  • type or topic of assignment

  • approximate length of assignment

  • your name and contact number

  • name of person who will be conducting the interview, or a person to whom the interpreter can report on arrival

  • onsite telephone number in case the interpreter needs to call on arrival.

How to book

You can make a booking by contacting the Interpreting and Translating Service officer on  +27 76 337 0516

Booking requests are processed between 8.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

If your need is urgent or immediate contact the Translating and Interpreting Service Senior officer. This service is provided by the local certified interpreter

How to book a court interpreter

If you need an interpreter in court, call the Interpreting and Translating Service on +27 76 337 0516