Marketing Translation or Marketing Localization?

We believe the term �Advertising Translation� is a misnomer that doesn�t accurately represent the work done by marketing translators. For advertising in another language, we generally do not translate. We create advertising copy according to the needs of the customer, the actual product, and the actual target audience.

The wording of our advertising copy may differ greatly from that of a direct translation of the original copy, and that will probably be just fine for your market. We localize. Critical mistakes can be made when translating copy in advertising if local subtleties are not taken into account. Your message is important to your success. At Cultures Connection, your success is our priority.

Marketing Document Translation

Our services cover brochures, flyers, marketing and advertising scripts, websites, slogans, logos, company presentations, new product announcements, press releases, ebook and more.

We are conscious that the purpose of these documents is to arouse the reader�s interest and support sales. we take into account and convey not only the content of the source document but its intentions as well. We also offer web content creation services and marketing translation.