Translation and
interpretation services in Defense and Military are literally a matter of life
and death. The ability to read letters and e-mails in foreign tongues or to
intercept foreign calls and translate them on the fly is crucial. Once these
translated manuscripts are handed over to command centers and policymakers,
vital decisions are made on which front-line action depends.

services for defense and military
 require clandestine operations and people well-versed with
military terminology and its key concepts. There is absolutely no margin of
error accepted, because these manuscripts may be the first information based on
which risk assessment is done and the decision to counterattack or neutralize
unfriendly elements are taken. As such translation services for defense and
military become critical for any nation and its forces.

We provide high
quality professional human translation services

The emergence of new
hostile territories have widened the intelligence gap between the existing
translation infrastructure and what is required to efficiently handle the
situation. Recently, there has been reported lack of expertise in certain vital
languages of Southeast Asia, where major defense activities are taking place.
Hence, governments need qualified experts to translate and interpret technical
and nontechnical materials from the native tongue to English and vice versa.
Unfortunately, there are not enough people available due to either a lack of
technical skills or background credentials.

We have moreover 20
years experience in defense translation including interpreting services with expertise in Portuguese
and English languages.

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